KSIA members solemnly pledge to observe the particular proscriptions of the KSIA Regulations, the KSIA Technical Standards, the KSIA “Customer Care” Charter, and this KSIA Code of Conduct, which binds all KSIA members :

To conduct their business and operations in an honorable manner, with due respect for the rules and interests of society, the dignity of all persons and organizations, the safety of people, property and the environment, the welfare of staff, and the good reputation of the KSIA and the security industry.

To uphold high standards of technical quality and service proficiency, to exercise all reasonable diligence in the selection and assignment of personnel, and in the design, installation, maintenance and operation of equipment, to ensure to the greatest possible extent that services unfailingly provide the level of protection that has been represented to and is reasonably perceived by the customer.

To promote the availability and merits of their own services accurately, and to refrain absolutely from any statement or action which misrepresents the level of protection provided, or which directly interferes with or denigrates the integrity, quality, operational efficiency, property, or commercial value of services provided by another KSIA member in the eyes of any individual customer or the market as a whole.

To refrain absolutely from providing services to any other customer who is in formally posted debt to another KSIA member, without the creditor member’s express permission, and especially where the provision of such services could reduce the creditor member’s likelihood of recovering the sums owed by the customer.

To participate fully in any joint operations co-ordinated by the KSIA either internally and/or with state security forces, and at any time to extend all reasonable co-operation and support to other KSIA members and/or State security forces in emergency situations where the safety of people is in jeopardy.

To share with other KSIA members, proactively and promptly, incident and intelligence information which may assist other members in preparation for, alertness to, or prevention of crime.

To refrain from making or promulgating wanton allegations against other KSIA members, but always to report, discreetly and promptly, any suspected breach of the KSIA’s Standards Regulations or Codes of Conduct, in writing, to the KSIA Bureau.